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I woke up very late after a fragile evening. I was very worried for You. I thought that sleep will reestablish every possible safety point and that my inner world will stop being so messy, and, efficiency wise, my bed turned out to be a perfect base. I always was fascinated by the notion of “Bodyguard”. It's always a capital B. I wrote the affirmation “Everywhere I am people and animals are safe”. It did came true but too squarely, and too word by word. And today, when I thought about it it hit me that it's partial and somehow did not include You... We are long distance and I have to make another affirmation.

I watched a clip on YouTube where a dog was chasing a ball. A German Shepherd. I started asking him questions immediately, something like – what do I lack, why everything is not perfect while I have the finest connections... He said: “You really have this instinct: when you see it's God you ask how to do things, how to get enlightened. In my world it's this: I'm God and they hurt me.”


I feel You are very hurt... Can I hold You?


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